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Shipment ID : 16321


CompanyAtlantis Strength


Receiver's Name***
CompanySports Group Sport Equipment

Shipment Facts

Ship Date2022-10-15
Estimated Delivery Date2022-12-08
Shipping StatusDeparted
Shipment OriginLaval, QC
Shipment DestinationShuwaikh, Kuwait
Container NumberFANU1248214 ; SEGU5095163 ; HLBU2872202
Seal Number***
Special Handling***
DescriptionFitness/Sports Equipment
Quantity3 x 40'HC
Size40'High Cube Container
Weight***Not provided by shipper/estinated weight provided to SSL***

Status Updates

StatusLocationNotesDate & Time
DepartedMontrealOnto MISSISSAUGA EXPRESS 08E412022-10-15 11:06
OthersLaval, QC1 x 40'HC Loading complete from Shipper Facility2022-10-11
OthersLaval, QC2 x 40'HC Loading complete from Shipper Facility2022-10-07
BookedMontrealOnto Mississauga Express 08E412022-09-22 03:04
BookedMontrealOnto Barcelona Express 57E422022-09-21 01:25
OthersMontrealShipping order received2022-09-21 02:30
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